“Omo Man”

This bronze African Warrior bust represents a number of peoples inhabiting the Omo Valley and River. Though closely related, these different tribes have been in constant conflict with one another for generations. A skirmish or war between two or more tribes may result from a cattle raid or dispute over land and water rights.

Many of the tribes, including the Harmar, the Bumi, and the Karo, display elaborate clay hair buns decorated with ostrich feathers. Wearing the clay bun is earned by killing a fierce animal such as a leopard or, more often, an enemy in battle and thus symbolizes courage and bravery.

Ironically, it won’t be tribal wars that will bring an end to the Omo culture, but friendly encounters with the ever-encroaching modern world.

“Omo Man” is the centerpiece to an African cultural series entitled, “African Epilogue”, consisting of several bronze pieces and canvas paintings.


  • Artist: Design, Sculpture, Bronze Casting, and Stone Carving by Paul A. Suarez
  • Title: "Omo Man"
  • Medium: Bronze on Hand-carved Soapstone
  • Edition: Seven