Cesar E. Chavez Lifesize Bronze & Granite Monument
Public Art (Outdoor Installation - 9 feet)

The Cesar E. Chavez Memorial Monument is located at California State University, Fresno. The nine-foot bronze and granite monument was installed outdoors in the University’s Peace Garden on campus in March of 1996.

The Monument consists of a life-size full figure of Cesar E. Chavez poised at the top of a pedestal, designed to symbolize his life and work. The ascending furrows (dirt trenches), the steps, and even the overall “wedge” shape work together to form a visual biography. The visual effects of this biography are further enhanced by the historic photographic images permanently etched (carved) into the black granite base under the bronze sculpture.

Finally, the scroll which symbolizes victories gained, is held loosely in his hand, as if to invite the next generation to continue where he left off.


  • Artist: Design, Sculpture, Bronze Casting and Installation by Paul A. Suarez
  • Title: “Cesar E. Chavez Monument"
  • Medium: Bronze on Photographically-etched Granite
  • Height: 9 feet
  • Commissioned by: California State University, Fresno Campus