Paul Andrew Suarez was born January 23, 1958, in the city of Hanford, California, located about 35 miles southwest of Fresno. Paul is a self-taught artist whose talent became evident as a child.

Many artists conceptualize in clay and then hand their piece over to an art foundry (whether bronze or another medium) to be finished out by artisans. Paul’s method is different in that for several years he managed an art foundry in California which enabled him to become skilled in all departments, including pulling waxes and molds, pouring bronze, metal finishing and artistic patinas. From concept to final installation, Paul’s art has stayed “in house” with himself as the primary artist - and acting as his own artisan.

Paul and his wife Gena Suarez, who both also publish a national education magazine, have seven children and presently reside in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains of east Tennessee. Currently, Paul is working on a number of cultural series each incorporating a variety of bronze and stone pieces, as well as a new concept for a larger than life Davy Crockett monumental and bust series.

Past and current exhibitions include:

  • The Oval Office, The White House, United States of America
  • U.S. International Trade Center
  • African American Historical and Cultural Museum (“Omo Man" was featured alongside Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition)
  • Saint John Classical Evening
  • Sunset Whitney Country Club
  • Peach Pit Gallery
  • City of Millbrae Police Department (California)